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You're looking at ode to the nookie chair.
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Infinite Crises


hooray for the nookie chair,
a blessing from the gods.
we found you in the dumpster
you smelled of cats and dogs.
but after much Febrezin
(and with seemingly no reason)
you became the comfiest place there was to rest.

I put you in my bedroom
right in front of the TV.
and before a butt could sit in you
it'd get a stern warning from me.
"if upon that seat you sit,
your tush will not exit
for in reclining that chair is but the best."

then one day I got a notion
that in you could fit a pair
of happy horny people
who would do it in a chair.
so fuzzy cuffs (two sets)
were attached to your arm rests
and you became a lovely place to be undressed.
© 2007