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You're looking at A Bright Red Apple.
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Infinite Crises


I'm so hungry
But I don't know what I want to eat.
There's a bright red apple
Hanging from that tree in front of me.
There are several of them
But that one is by far the most delicious.
I feel so hopeful and sure
That I could jump high enough to reach it
Pluck it from its branch and keep it for my own.
But I feel so hopeless.
The tree is a mile tall
And I could never climb that high.
Maybe I can have one of these other apples.
They look really delicious too.
But look, someone is climbing the tree.
Maybe it's not so impossible.
I'll climb up to that bright red one.
But that guy is trying to get my apple
He grabs onto it and tries to pluck it from its branch
But he falls, leaving the apple for me.
It's not quite ripe, so I won't take it yet.
It still needs to grow a little.
But I'm so hungry.
Maybe I should eat it now while I have the chance.
But I can't quite reach it
So I'll climb back down.
Maybe I need a ladder.
Maybe there's a worm in that bright red apple.
Maybe I should have one of these other apples.
Maybe I want a green apple.
Maybe I want an orange.
© 2007