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Infinite Crises


The apple did have a worm in it.
And so I tossed it away without thinking
to simply cut out the bad part
and enjoy the delicious taste
of the good.
I threw it away and immediately picked
    a new red apple
from that same tree.
It was not as bright as the first had been,
But it was somehow
more beautiful and exciting.
It had no worm.

As I ate my new red apple and enjoyed
how delicious and sweet it was,
I saw a tree of green apples.
I had a green apple before once
and it was glorious.
But this new tree was in
someone else’s yard,
And a fence kept me at bay.

So I ate my red apple and stared
at the other tree,
Until I had lost and forgotten
my red apple.
And the green apple had lost my interest.

So I wandered,
Eating a berry or two along my way,
Until I came across an orange tree.
I looked up at those oranges and
one fell into my hands.
This was the most delicious fruit
I had ever tasted,
But it was full of seeds.

So now I wander back
toward the apple trees,
Carrying my orange with me.
I find a pear tree along the way.
I have never tasted a pear,
But they look like they
could be wonderful.
I’ve made it back to the apple trees,
And I find the half eaten apple
that I had lost before,
And I see that the fence
around the green apples
is being torn down.

And so now I must choose.
Do I keep eating the seed-filled,
yet delicious orange?
Do I wait for the fence
around the green apple
    to be destroyed?
Do I pick back up the red apple
    that I know was so good
    even though it is now half-eaten?
Do I even go in search of the first apple
    with the worm?
Or should I instead leave behind
    all that I already know,
And go back in search of that
    delectable-looking pear
    that I know nothing about?

I must decide now before they all rot.

Perhaps I’ll go hungry.
© 2007