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  Thursday, September 27, 2001
Open my toy chest. Look inside.

Right on top,
My Little Pony?
Is this mine?
Sparkly mane and tail.
Where on earth did I get this?
eBay? While drinking!
Soft. I could sleep with it.
On top. On top. New or Favorite?
Used and abused. Favorite? Odd.
There's a star on its ass.

What else is here?
G.I. Joe!
With a kung fu grip.
Boy toys.
Pose it in any position.
Violent? Safe way to vent aggression.
The perfect toy. Can't sleep with it though.
I bet everyone wants to play with it.
These pants are too tight.

A bag of marbles.

What's that there?
I have an Etch-A-Sketch.
Little twist of the knobs.
What a lovely creation.
Pretty little pictures.
A ball. A pillow.
A Chicken McNugget.
Can't really fit it in my pocket.
Too much stuff in there anyway.

Next toy.
A mirror.
Not broken, but one little crack.
My reflection.
But can I play with this?
Make faces!
Boo! I must be bored.
Always good for a smile.
Sometimes a frown?
Can I play with this?

A coffee mug.

More toys! More toys!
A Jack-In-The-Box!
How exciting!
Makes music.
Lovely designs on the box.
This crank is a little hard.
Difficult to turn,
Make the clown come out.
I'm not a pussy!

I want another toy.
A teddy bear.
How sweet. So soft.
It's a little raggedy though.
And it's making me sneeze.
Guess I don't want to sleep with that either.
I'll put it somewhere I can see it,
Bring a smile to my face.
One eye socket is hollowed out.

Scientific calculator?

Next item please.
Portable CD player.
Black. Little penguin sticker.
No headphones. No batteries.
Can't listen to it anymore.
Wish I had the right parts.
CD still inside,
Black Sabbath,
Jack the Stripper Wears Boots too, you know.

Dig a little deeper.
Another mirror it seems.
This one is shattered.
Too much on top of it.
Can't really see myself in it.
Much prettier frame though.
Is that kale?
Am I narcissistic?

Little wind-up bunny.

Something is moving.
Miniature antique clock.
Incredibly cute.
Tick Tock. Tick Tock.
It's still running.
Elegantly carved swan.
That's unusual.
It smells like alcohol.

Have I got more?
Big stuffed ape!
Squeeze it, it talks!
"How are you today?"
"Will you be my friend?"
So much detail in its face,
Marvelously fascinating.
A name tag!
"Owned by"
I don't think that's my name.

Whose toy chest is this?
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