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Welcome To PAIN
Welcome To PAIN

Kristy, the Official PAIN News Bunny

Hey there! Welcome to Jamie's PAIN web page! I'm Kristy, the Official PAIN News Bunny! And if for some reason, you didn't know, PAIN is by far the best Quake add-on in existence. Check out the manual for a full feature list.

9/21/03 Oh miracle of miracles! After years of downtime, Jamie finally set himself up a server and after countless requests, he finally put the old PAIN website up on it! What the hell took so long? *kicks him* So go download it and spread the word! Oh and please forgive the horrible late-90s web page design. ;-)

5/8/99 Well, it finally happened, PAIN v1.21 has been released fixing all of the known bugs in v1.2 and changing a few other little things. This will probably be the last version of PAIN made for Quake. I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else has.

If you put up a downloadable copy of PAIN on your server or set up a DM server of PAIN, please let Jamie know.

For curious minds, PAIN2 for Quake II was started but never completed. Perhaps he'll try again with Quake IV.