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There are a total of 32 weapons in PAIN! They are sorted into 8 categories by type and four classes by power. The types are the normal keys 1 through 8 and types are (from best to worst) A through D. New weapon classes are gained by gaining different colored armor (green=C, yellow=B, red=A). You begin with the shotgun and the hammer, both class-D weapons. Weapon classes can be cycled with impulse 123 or by selecting the same weapon more than once. The following is a table of all the weapons in PAIN sorted by class and type followed by a detailed description of each.

Max ammo has also been increased along with ammo gained from some enemies:
Axes(50), Shells(200), Nails(200), Rockets(100), Cells(150)

  Class-D Class-C Class-B Class-A
Type-1 (Tools) Hammer Flare Gun Grappling Hook Harpoon
Type-2 (Axes) Axe Vampric Axe Throwing Axe Flaming Throwing Axe
Type-3 (Shotguns) Shotgun Super-Shotgun Chaingun Sniper Rifle
Type-4 (Lasers) Laser Gun Super Laser Gun Auto-Laser BFG
Type-5 (Nailguns) Nailgun Super-Nailgun Poison Dart Spike Trap
Type-6 (Grenades) Grenade Launcher Trigger Bomb Proximity Mine MIRV
Type-7 (Rockets) Rocket Launcher Drunk Missile Drill Rocket Homing Missile
Type-8 (Elemental Energy Guns) Lightning Gun Air Fist Flame-Thrower Freeze Ray



Your basic beat-em-upside-the-head weapon.
Cost: 0

Flare Gun

Will light your way and distract homing missiles.
Cost: 3 shells

Grappling Hook

Use this to hang from ceilings, walls, or your enemies as you rip them to shreds! Hold down to attach, pull, and hold. Let go to drop. You can change weapons while using the hook, but you must be on the hook to let go.
Cost: 0


This can also be used to hang from ceilings and walls, but unlike the grappling hook it will pull your enemies towards you!
Cost: 0



"Chop it up!"
Cost: 0

Vampric Axe

You will gain five health for each successful hit with this axe, but I wouldn't try this on any undead.
Cost: 0

Throwing Axe

Lob your axe across the room at someone, then go pick it right back up again.
Cost: 1 Axe

Throwing Flaming Axe

Torch your enemies! Throw burning axes that will light up any party... or zombie.
Cost: 3 Axes



Your trusty boomstick.
Cost: 1 shell


Double-Barreled Action.
Cost: 2 shells


Rip your enemies to shreds at high speeds.
Cost: 1 shell

Sniper Rifle

For those who like to take their time. Hold the trigger to charge up and slow your movement for better aiming. You will hear a beep when you are locked on an enemy. The laser sight will give you helpful information on your status.

    light blue - ready
    white - reloading
    yellow - targeted
    dark red - charged
    bright red - charged and targeted

Cost: 15 shells


Laser Gun

Fire short blasts of energy right up your foe's ass!
Cost: 1 cell

Super Laser Gun

Double your pleasure, double your fun. "Delete" your enemies.
Cost: 2 cells


High-speed energy action.
Cost: 1 cell


Awe yeah... this is one Big Fucking Gun! Experts will notice that it does not work like your "standard" BFG.
Cost: 20 cells



Fire huge spikes right into his forehead!
Cost: 1 nail


Twice as fast, twice as deadly.
Cost: 2 nails

Poison Dart

Fire a tiny dart into your enemy and watch them die slowly. The effects of poison are cumulative, so the more darts, the faster they die. If you get poisoned, grab some health fast! It may cure you.
Cost: 10 nails

Spike Trap

A helpful little device. When fired this orb will fire nails at anything it passes. If the orb runs into something it can damage, it explodes in a shower of nails. If it hits a wall, it will stay there, firing nails at anything that passes by. The spike trap only has a total of 20 nails to fire, and if it sits dormant for too long, it will just shoot them all off and die.
Cost: 20 nails


Grenade Launcher

Have a pineapple. They're from Hawaii =)
Cost: 1 rocket

Trigger Bomb

Toss a couple out and wait for someone to walk by, then hit "B" to Blow them to Bits.
Cost: 3 rockets

Proximity Mine

Stick one to a wall and run. They will arm with a warning "beep beep" and then explode if anything moves near it. Try sticking one of these on your friend's back instead of a "kick me" sign.
Cost: 5 rockets


Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle. Toss one out and watch it blast off and explode into ten smaller grenades that shoot out in all directions! Then again, maybe you shouldn't stay to watch.
Cost: 10 rockets


Rocket Launcher

"I am a big man, yes I am. And I've got a big gun."
Cost: 1 rocket

Drunk Missile

Remember ROTT? Fires three missiles with very erratic movement. GREAT in open spaces with lotsa baddies.
Cost: 3 rockets

Drill Rocket

These things stick into what every they hit, spinning around and tearing flesh apart before finally exploding.
Cost: 4 rockets

Homing Missile

Will follow you almost anywhere. While it may be difficult, it's definitely possibly to avoid these homers. Run behind someone else and let them get chased, run around a couple corners until you're out of it's "sight", fire off a flare in it's direction, or just turn on auto-flare with impulse 20.
Cost: 8 rockets

Elemental Energy Guns

Note: Cells now recharge if you have the EEG, at least one cell, and no more than enough cells for the BFG.


AKA The Lightning Gun. Electrocute those sons of bitches! But don't fire this underwater; bad things will happen. Of course you could fire INTO the water and watch the gibs fly out!
Cost: 1 cell


AKA The Air Fist. Fire huge blasts of compressed air sending enemies flying through the air!
Cost: 5 cells


AKA The Flame-Thrower. Anyone for some toasted shambler? Mmmm Mmm Good. Catch your foes on fire. If you get torched, find some water or a teleporter to get put out. This makes a nice bubble-blower underwater.
Cost: 2 cells


AKA The Freeze Gun. Completely freeze your enemy for ten seconds, plenty of time to blast them into tiny chunks of ice! Firing this underwater is almost as stupid as firing the Lightning Gun underwater.
Cost: 8 cells

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The Mystic Rune & The Mystic Ring

The ring and rune will change their location every fifteen seconds. If you acquire either one, you will receive a random power. A rune power will last for thirty seconds, but a ring power will last until death. The ring can be worn and removed with impulse 150, but rune powers are automatic and do not need to be activated. Only ONE player may hold the mystic rune or the mystic ring at a time.
Be Warned: There are SOME undesirable powers!

The powers are as follows:

The Mystic Rune The Mystic Ring
regeneration regenerate 1 point of health about every half second
only if health is below 100 and you are not dead
necromancy summons undead monster when touched
resurrection only takes half normal health
disease lose 1 point of health about every half second
will not go below 1 hit point
protection take half damage
jumping jump twice as high strength inflict double damage
shroomz tunnel vision and swaying motion
a personal favorite =)
weakness can be removed, but I wouldn't suggest it
take double damage
inflict half damage
aura surrounds you in bright white light illusion creates an illusionary double beside you
acts exactly as you do
can not be hurt or touched
war when you die, you will retain your weapons killer heads you are surrounded by 4 disembodied heads
you can throw them at enemies causing an explosion
remember, the fifth head is yours
reflection half the damage you take is inflicted on your attacker kamikaze blasts every enemy in sight with a lightning bolt doing significant damage to them as well as greatly harming you for each hit
the fiend transforms you into the fiend
jump for jumping attack
attack to swing claws
take half damage
displacement you become completely invisible (no eyes)
a copy of you appears behind your actual location to throw off enemies
Hermes puts wings on your heels for "multi-jumping"
armament you can neither gain nor lose ammo

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You will gain necromantic abilities from the quad damage power-up. These powers last until death, or change of level. You can resurrect the dead with impulse 250, and you can sacrifice your undead using impulse 251 to receive a portion of health relative to the amount of damage they have endured. If your corpse is resurrected and you are still in it, your spirit will be forced out and you will be respawned. If you die, your minions are set free. Undead will automatically attack anything you attack or anything that attacks you. You may only have five followers at a time. If you try to resurrect more than that, you will automatically sacrifice your old followers.
Resurrection of corpses costs health (shown below in parenthesis).
dog(25) knight(40) grunt/player(50) enforcer(60) snakeman(65) ogre(70) vore(70) hell knight(75) fiend(80) shambler(100)

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Enforcers now have auto-flare and biosuits.
Knights will bow after killing you.

Random Monsters

Many monsters now spawn as several random different types. The non-standard types are as follows:

Hell Hound

Zombie Soldier with laser gun
Soldier with nailgun (you can see him reload!)

Demon Soldier with flamethrower

Snakeman [replacing enforcers]
Snake-Man with dual nailguns
Demon Serpent with dual lasers

Troll with weak homing missiles

Lesser Demon with poison

Greater Demon with fireball
Abominable Snowman with freeze ray

Zombie Knight with drain life
Lady Knight with harpoon.

Hell Knight
Demon Knight with fireball
Hell Knight with throwing swords

Shalrath with spike bomb

Crucified Zombie
Crucified player with axe in chest
Crucified female player with torn shirt

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View Modes

Choose between normal view and rear camera view. Toggled with impulse 25.


Auto-flare protects against homing missiles. It is off by default, but automatically turned on with use of the impulse 9 cheat. Goes into idle mode when you don't have enough ammo, and is automatically returned to active mode when correct ammo is received. Auto-flare is toggled with impulse 20 and costs 5 shells and 10 cells per shot.


Protects you from fire damage.


Corpses are solid.
Fish gib.
Crucified zombies are visible in DM and killable.


"PAIN" logo in console.
Colorful comments for cheat codes and on start up.
Axe has axe graphic in ammo box.
Made axe icon for weapon bar (this was a pain).
Made laser-gun icon for weapon bar (this wasn't).
Shotguns eject empty cells.
Shub's death changed slightly.


Monsters can teleport.
Followers will sometimes follow you through a teleporter.
Projectiles teleport properly. (yes, it actually works right!)
Projectiles can hit owner. (you have no idea how hard that was!)

Bug Fixes

Obituaries say what you were actually killed with. They used to be what your attacker was using at the time of your death.
Fixed wrong total monster count on levels with fish.
Bubbles are removed when they leave the water.
Fixed "<player> died" when killed by lava boss in e1m7.


A few little surprises... =)

[Weapons] [Runes & Rings] [Necromancy]
[Monsters] [Misc] [Impulse List]

New Impulses

impulse 14 impulse list
impulse 16 remembers current weapon and class
impulse 17 switches to the weapon and class saved by impulse 16
impulse 20 toggle auto-flare
impulse 25 toggle view mode
impulse 50 remote bomb detonation
impulse 69 switch between male and female player
impulse 70 taunt
impulse 101 weapon class D
impulse 102 weapon class C
impulse 103 weapon class B
impulse 104 weapon class A
impulse 123 cycle weapon class
impulse 150 wear/remove/use mystic ring
impulse 250 resurrect something
impulse 251 sacrifice all undead minions

[Weapons] [Runes & Rings] [Necromancy]
[Monsters] [Misc] [Impulse List]

BTW - No, not ALL the modifications are completely original, but the ones that aren't are generally re-coded beyond recognition (or close to it). However, I don't want to be accused of ripping code, so if ANYONE has a patch that they think I used, just mail me and tell me you want your name here and what the patch was and I'll put you on my credits page.