My Commercial Work

While I created PAIN almost entirely by myself, there were certainly countless others who contributed to this incredible creation. Unfortunately this started out as something I was just making for my own personal use, so I didn't keep track of all the contributors. There are so many people that I'd like to thank who's names I've forgotten, but thanks to everyone who helped me, everyone who ever played pain, and everyone who has sent me an e-mail saying "I don't play Quake any more, I just play PAIN!" If something of yours is in PAIN and you have not been given credit, please let me know! I searched for author info, but I know I didn't get everyone.

Note: I have removed everyone's email addresses from this list, because many of them are extremely out of date and I don't want spam being sent to those that aren't. If you are one of these people and you would like a link to your website or email address posted here, just tell me and I'll put it up.

People who created things just for PAIN:

    beta testing
    skin for the rapid-fire laser
    sound for chaingun
    and generally being a great help from the begining
    beta testing
    half the undead skins and a couple weapon skins
    the PAIN console
    and just being a great help and a good friend
Ben Cruz
    a couple great weapon models were based on Ben's work
Princess Julie
    voice acting for most of the female taunts

Beta Testing:

Other Patches Used:
Note: There is not a single item listed that was not changed significantly before adding it to PAIN.

AirFist (EEG-Air)
    Christopher Bolin
    Stephen F. Karl
    Shane W. Powell
    Matt Houser
    Mark Lewis
BFG-9500 (BFG)
    Jonathan E. Wright
Eject (Shell ejection)
    Steve Bond
Morning Star (Grappling Hook)
Throwing Axe
    Steve Bond
    Christopher Bolin
Crucified Players
    Felix Zwingenberger
Chase Cam (Rear Camera View)
    Rob Albin
The Fiend's Pentagram (Rune of the Fiend)
    Josh Spickes

Other Patches Used (Authors Unknown):
Note: If you are (or know) the author of any of these patches, please let me know.

The model used for the proxy mines
The laser gun model
The harpoon model
The original flame thrower with burning
A monster control mod called "Spot" (I think) that used .pet as a monster's owner
Drill Rockets
"FireWall" (MIRV)
Anything else you think might be yours?