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  Wednesday, October 30, 2002
I think perhaps she was Delight in another life.
Delirium's other life?
We pretend to know what happens whey they die.
We don't.
But we don't even pretend we know what happens if they change.
I think perhaps she happened.
It's possible.
Perhaps she is simply My Delight.
I'd be fine with that,
But how sad for the rest of the world.
I'll keep her
For a while at least.
I would keep her longer if I could.
I would have all my answers in the form of a question.
I would bathe in and drink from her bubbles every day.
But that wouldn't really be fair to the rest of the world,
Would it?
We should all know such Delight.
Oh but can't I please?
Can't I just steal her away and live in a big room
Full of fluffy pillows,
Live on pineapple chicken and love?
Well perhaps not all that pineapple chicken.
But certainly plenty of bubbles and fluffy pillows.
Oh but I'm just talking silly talk.
And Rain Makes Applesauce.
I wonder what it'd feel like to play in applesauce.
I wonder if she thinks that's silly.
I bet she thinks it's cute.
Maybe vanilla pudding?
Really I just want to be near her.
To see her.
To see the oceans in her eyes.
She gave me an eye, you know?
Some people want to have someone's heart.
Why would you want such an icky old thing?
Sure it pumps blood all around and stuff.
But so What?
Eyes show far more beauty and emotion than any old heart.
And Her eyes?
Her eyes are stars,
Crystalline blue joy,
And Passion.
Her eyes think I'm beautiful.
And they make me believe it too.
Make be believe the world is beautiful.
I just want to be near her.
Feel her beauty,
Taste her voice,
Partake in her Delight.
I wish I could make her feel how she makes me feel.
I wish she even knew how she makes me feel.
There aren't enough beautiful words.
Maybe I'll just write some silly poem.
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